Mike Bennewitz
Weird Luck Illustrator

WEIRD LUCK ILLUSTRATOR Son of Witz aka Mike BennewitzThough he’s been making comics seemingly forever, most of his published artwork is Album Cover Art and Music Merchandise. In 2001 he self-published TROG, In The bacta-Tank Botch-Up, a bizarre comic (Fumetti?) made with photos of miniature puppets and physical as well as digital sets. Some of his old self-published comics , like the semi-infamous Flying Lawnchair Story are available at his portfolio site.

Around 2003 he decided he was sick of trying to follow up the TROG comic, and he more or less abandoned comics for a decade. For several years he worked with bands such as Secret Chiefs III, Hammers of Misfortune and Estradasphere, making album coversposters and t-shirt graphics. 

After watching a lot of superhero cartoons with his family, Mike’s artistic pendulum swang back to comics, and he found like he felt like getting back to his roots and drawing comics.  He began the epic (and epically misguided ) graphic novel adaptation of Gene Wolfe’s Book of the New Sun. About 50 rough pages in, he realized he had to abandon the project. Miraculously, just as he was wondering what he should work on, the draft manuscript of Andrew Reichart’s Weird Luck in the City of the Watcher appeared in his hands and a collaboration was born.  

Mike lives and works in San Francisco with his very excellent wife, two great kids and a really cute cat. You might see him on the train drawing Weird Luck. If you do, please try not to bump his drawing arm.


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